Kaistara is a heart-led, woman-powered, small business... the creative love child of location-independent solopreneur and transformation specialist, Wendy May.

Kaistara is a personal transformation business. We provide individual coaching and we create intentional, intimate, in-person spaces for women to connect. We are here to support the change journey for those on the path to experiencing more wholeness, purpose and ease.

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Learn why KAISTARA exists, what the name means and how Wendy's personal journey brought her to the work she does now. 

Read more about Wendy's process in choosing meaning over money in her HuffPo article - How I Got Richer By Giving Myself An 80% Pay Cut.


The Working on Purpose Workbook

Not happy at work, and not sure what's missing?

Grab this workbook to guide you as you work through what might be limiting you, and what could be liberating. These high-impact do-it-yourself exercises are designed to help you hone in on areas where you could be stuck, and figure out where to focus to get things moving.