Getting away from the grind to rest in the arms of Mother Nature. No cell phones ringing. No emails pinging. Only the sound of your own breath, the birds, and wind in the trees.

Sharing your heart's truth about your deepest fears and deepest desires. You feel safe to speak your truth in this space where you are unconditionally seen and loved. 

Savoring a moment of solitude on the garden terrace as the sun kisses your skin. You have plenty of time to relax, reflect, and connect deeply with an inner quiet.

Being embraced and supported by a group of heart-led women on a shared journey of discovery... women who are now part of your sisterhood and support system for life.

Past participants of the Kaistara Life Reboot women's retreat share about their journey and their insights after having this experience. Life Reboot is a one-week transformational retreat experience for women who desire greater wholeness, purpose and ease.

Who Is This For?

The Life Reboot retreat experience is meant for you, if you are a woman and...

  • You have achieved some personal and professional success, but now you are seeking something more.
  • You feel discomfort where you are right now. Maybe you are burnt out, frustrated, or simply confused.
  • You want to live and work for a purpose. Because life is so busy, you're not sure if you have lost your way.
  • You are ready to make changes. You want to experience more freedom, more fulfillment, and more flow.
  • When it comes to making changes in your life, you feel a bit "stuck" or you are not sure where to start.

What is the Focus?

The Life Reboot retreat focuses on four main themes: connection with self, connection with creativity, connection with abundance, and connection with purpose. Our goal is to guide you in...



Identifying habits, patterns or beliefs that are in the way of you making meaningful changes in your life


Merging the practical and purposeful to recognize and connect with resources to support your path


Embodying and nurturing the flow of your creative energy so you can tap directly into your inner fire


Exploring your unique gifts and desires and the positive contribution you can make to the world

Who will lead this?

Wendy is an intuitive, integral coach working with successful women who are seeking more. She is a Harvard graduate with an MBA and former management consultant, who has redesigned her work and life according to a new definition of success. Wendy's mission is to help women experience more freedom and fulfillment in their work lives.

The idea that we must suffer for our work to be valuable is a masculine myth.
— Wendy May

You can read more about Wendy's story here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

How Does It Work?

We begin and end each day with guided meditation. Our mornings will be dedicated to a movement practice to shake off sleep and get our bodies warmed up.

During workshop sessions, we will engage in a variety of group processes, guided inquiry, and creativity exercises. We will share personal stories and insights, and engage in structured group and individual exploration. These sessions are highly participative and require everyone's commitment, trust and presence.

Our afternoons are unstructured to allow time for individual reflection and integration. You will have an optional "focus" activity each afternoon to build on the morning's workshop theme. You are invited to indulge in a spa treatment, read a book, take a nap, write in your journal, go for a swim, or connect with other participants. This is time for curiosity and spontaneity...  whatever moves you. 

We reconvene each evening for a sharing circle to integrate our discoveries and share reflections from the day's activities.


Sample Daily Schedule

8:30 - 9:15 Morning movement practice
9:15 - 10:00 Breakfast*
10:00 - 13:00 Group workshop session
13:00 - 17:00 Light lunch, free time, reflection
17:00 - 18:00 Yoga or movement class**
18:00 - 19:30 Dinner
19:30 - 21:00 Sharing circle, evening meditation

*Meal times may vary depending on the retreat center, and schedule will adjust accordingly. 

**Daily yoga class schedule varies. Classes led by other teachers at the retreat center.

Live it. Learn it.

Here we are in an increasingly digital world of on-demand learning, full of webinars and online courses. But there is no substitute for the power of face-to-face interaction and personal connection. Here you can move beyond grasping a concept on an intellectual level. In this space you will integrate true understanding through a lived experience

There are three huge benefits from attending a retreat like this as part of your personal development journey.


Taking yourself out of your day-to-day roles and routines has immense power. By allowing time for self-discovery, you make a commitment to yourself. Choosing to show up for this kind of experience marks the beginning of a change.


Change is hard to do on your own. To make change stick, you need the support of community... of sisterhood. Here you can connect with other women who are on a similar path: to share, to mirror, to challenge, to reflect and to celebrate.


Meaningful change is not an event; it is a process. The retreat might be the "first domino" as one participant called it, or a "power booster" as another described it... but you will not complete your process here. To help you keep going after the retreat, you will have lifetime access to a participant-only online community for support in your onward journey.


Life Reboot is a one-week transformational retreat experience for women. It exists to help women live into their capacity to express, give and create value through meaningful work in the world. 

This unique retreat experience will provide plenty of structure in a safe, intimate, small group setting, while also allowing space for relaxation and integration. There is room for your own personal process. 

Life Reboot Andalucía

Molino del Rey - Costa del Sol, Andalucía, Spain

Molino del Rey is an award-winning family-run yoga and wellness retreat center in Andalucía, along the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.  Nestled in the Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve in a typical little Spanish hamlet community, flanked by orange groves. The purest of waters from a spring of the river flow through the center, which is blessed with peaceful meditation caves, several terraces with hammocks and sun-kissed lounges and a salt water pool. 

Build a lifelong sisterhood of support

KAISTARA creates a safe, sacred space for Life Reboot participants to connect on a deep level, where genuine and lasting bonds are forged. Together we surface and examine outmoded ideas and worn-out belief systems. In this loving space of non-judgment, we can look at the habits that hold us back from change and courageously explore what's possible.

When we create a container for like-hearted women to come together, healing happens, transformation happens... Naturally, effortlessly. You will return from Life Reboot with a new set of cheerleaders, collaborators and confidantes. The sisterhood that you will find here is a treasure in and of itself.

Listen to what women have to say about this unique experience.

Nourish your body with healthy food

Molino del Rey is known for its healthy and nourishing food. You will enjoy a variety of tasty vegetarian dishes, fresh fruit, and yummy desserts. Including delicious, fresh figs some plucked directly from trees growing on the property. Your meals are made with love, on-site, every single day. A custom menu is designed to support your Life Reboot retreat experience with healthy, clean eating that delights your senses!

2016-08-09 10.58.58-1.jpg

Practice yoga and calm your mind

Yoga has been used for thousands of years for physical health, mental well-being and spiritual fulfillment. Our yoga practice for the week is known as Vini Yoga. It is not physically dynamic but rather trained on a return to asanas as a focus for breath and stillness. The intent is to enhance your experience of tranquility, inner peace, and quiet mind. Yoga will be offered daily throughout the retreat. 


Indulge in pampering spa treatments

The Spa at Molino del Rey has a large selection of pampering options to help you relax and release stress and tension. The spa offerings include many different styles of bodywork and massage, including Traditional Thai, Swedish, Hot Stone, and Lomi Lomi. A host of other healing treatments are also possible: Japanese facials, dry skin brushing, craniosacral therapy detoxifying body scrubs and body wraps.


Your Investment

The Life Reboot retreat experience

Standard price: 1,980 Euros per person, single occupancy. Lower rates may be available for shared occupancy, if there is another registrant desiring a roommate. Please inquire to see whether this is available!

See below for what's included in the retreat package. 

Space is limited, and registrations will be accepted in the order they are received. To be eligible to register, you need to (1) complete the brief online form and (2) schedule a pre-registration call with Wendy. 

If you have a strong interest in participating but are currently facing financial challenges, please contact us. We have payment plans and assistantships for those in need. As much as possible, we strive to make this experience accessible to women of all life circumstances. 

What's not included

  • Travel expenses: airfare and taxi transfers 
  • Individual spa and healing treatments
  • Snacks or meals outside of Molino del Rey
  • Personal items, clothing, gifts, souvenirs


What's included

  • Approximately 20+ hours of custom-designed workshop sessions and facilitated group process
  • Daily yoga classes and meditation practice
  • Use of swimming pool, sauna and meditation caves
  • Lifelong access to participant online community
  • Seven nights of accommodation at Molino del Rey resort
  • Delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals every day

Travel information

By plane

The closest airport is Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) which is located about 55 KM east of the Molino del Rey retreat center

Please plan your travel so that you arrive at Malaga Airport (AGP) no later than 2:00pm local time on August 13, 2017. Ideally, try to book a flight that arrives to Malaga between 11:00am and 2:00pm. We will try our best to connect you with other women who are arriving at around the same time, so you can arrange to share airport transfers and save on rental cars or taxi fare. And this way you will have ample time to arrive and settle in before our welcome dinner and opening circle on Sunday evening.

For your departure, please plan to leave no earlier than 12:00 noon on August 20, 2017. We will arrange carpools and taxis to leave as a group after our final breakfast, and arrive at the Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) at approximately 11:00am local time.

By car

You may also choose to rent a car and drive yourself from the airport. The retreat center is 55 kilometers from the airport, and it takes about an hour. You can enter the following coordinates into your GPS: (0036º43.98′N, 004º53.23′W) or follow the driving directions below.

  • As you leave Malaga Costa del Sol Airport, follow signs to Malaga on E15/A7. At the next major junction, follow the blue signs overhead towards Motril, Antequera, Sevilla, Granada. At exit number 236, follow blue signs to A357 "Cartama, Parque Technológico"
  • Once you are on A357, you will drive for about 30 KM. You will notice small green kilometer marker signs. Just after KM40, turn left onto A354 towards "Zalea, Casarabonela, Alozaina, Yunquera" and follow the signs for Alozaina. 
  • After 19 KM (at KM 0) turn right at the gas station onto A366 towards "El Burgo, Yunquera, Ronda" 
  • Drive another 4 KM on A366 and you will soon reach the hamlet of Jorox where Molino del Rey is located.  
  • Please park in the parking areas that you will see upon entering the hamlet, and then walk downhill 250 meters to Molino del Rey. Turn left at the little chapel and follow the wooden fencing. Continue walking downhill for another 200 meters. When you see the round building adorned with bright blue windows and solar panels on the roof, you have arrived! 

On pocket money. 

While most expenses are included in the retreat package price, you will need to bring cash in Euros for any incidentals, including rental car or taxi fare (airport transfer), massages, facials, healing treatments, optional one-day excursion TBA, and discretionary tips for the Molino del Rey staff.

On planning travel. 

Depending on the day of the week and airport you are traveling from, you can sometimes save on summer airfares to or within Europe. If you're not experienced at booking international flights, we recommend working with a travel concierge such as Flystein (human-powered flight search) to help you get the best deals.

On insurance.

Please note that international travel can be interrupted by unforeseen circumstances, e.g., natural disasters, political unrest... It's a good idea to get travel insurance, just in case. It is very inexpensive and well worth it! Most flight providers have an option to include this when booking your flight, or you can find independent travel insurance.

On communication. 

There is weak phone signal in our little Spanish hamlet. Limited WiFi is available, but it can be relatively unreliable according to first-world standards. You will have a rare opportunity to truly disconnect. Please tell family, friends, and colleagues that you will have limited communication so you can take advantage of this chance to be with yourself.



We are excited to have you join us for Life Reboot in Spain this August!

Please fill out this short form to complete your registration request.

To keep the retreat dynamic intimate, the group size is limited..

Once we confirm that space is available, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions and details for travel.

If you haven't spoken to Wendy yet, please make sure to connect with her to confirm your spot.

Once you submit this form you will automatically be redirected to book a slot here:

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Emergency Contact Phone

Big Island, Hawai'i

Kalani Honua is a nonprofit educational retreat center that has been hosting transformational workshops and events on the Big Island, Hawaii for more than 40 years.  Visitors enjoy delicious, organic meals with ingredients from the permaculture farm that is part of the volunteer-run, eco-village. With stunning beaches, hiking paths, waterfalls, and Volcanoes National Park surrounding the property, the possibilities are endless.

Past retreats: May 10-15, 2016 (view photo gallery)

Upcoming retreats: dates to be confirmed

Koh Phangan, Thailand

The Sanctuary Thailand is a detox and wellness resort on a beautiful remote beach in Koh Phangan, an island in southern Thailand. Perched on a rocky hillside in a quiet, bay on the southeast side of the island, with no paved roads, it is protected from the noise of car and motorbike traffic. The Sanctuary has long been a premier retreat destination in SE Asia for those looking to reconnect with nature and with themselves.

Past retreats: December 5-11, 2016

Upcoming retreats: dates to be confirmed

Andalucía, Spain

Molino del Rey is a yoga retreat center in Andalucía, along the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.  Nestled in the Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve in a typical little Spanish hamlet community, flanked by orange groves. The purest of waters from a spring of the river flow through the center, which is blessed with peaceful meditation caves, several terraces with hammocks and sun-kissed lounges and a salt water swimming pool. 

Upcoming retreats: August 13-20, 2017


Upcoming Retreat Dates

August 13-20, 2017
Molino del Rey
Andalucía, Spain

Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman