Life Reboot Andalucía, Spain
July 29 - August 5, 2018

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Molino del Rey, Costa del Sol, Spain

Molino del Rey is an award-winning family-run yoga and wellness retreat center in Andalucía, along the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.  Nestled in the Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve in a typical little Spanish hamlet community, flanked by orange groves. The purest of waters from a spring of the river flow through the center, which is blessed with peaceful meditation caves, several terraces with hammocks and sun-kissed lounges and a salt water pool. 

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Nourish your body with healthy food

Molino del Rey is known for its healthy and nourishing food. You will enjoy a variety of tasty vegetarian dishes, fresh fruit, and yummy desserts. Including delicious, fresh figs some plucked directly from trees growing on the property. Your meals are made with love, on-site, every single day. A custom menu is designed to support your Life Reboot retreat experience with healthy, clean eating that delights your senses!

Indulge in pampering spa treatments

The Spa at Molino del Rey has a large selection of pampering options to help you relax and release stress and tension. The spa offerings include many different styles of bodywork and massage, including Traditional Thai, Swedish, Hot Stone, and Lomi Lomi. A host of other healing treatments are also possible: Japanese facials, dry skin brushing, craniosacral therapy detoxifying body scrubs and body wraps.


Wendy May and Ann Liu

Wendy May

Wendy is a nomadic transformation coach, experience creator, embodied Enneagram facilitator, Tao Tantra teacher and conscious entrepreneur. A Harvard graduate with an MBA and former management consultant, she has redesigned her work and life according to a new definition of success, which she calls feminine abundance. Her passion is working with successful women who are seeking more - more freedom, more fulfillment and more flow. She loves supporting heart-led humans to free themselves from old habits and patterns to step into a more authentic and aligned experience of life. And her woman-powered small business is on a mission to raise awareness about everything we buy, use, consume, and throw away... by spreading joy in the form of biodegradable plant-based glitter. Her work is centered around grounding higher purpose into human form, connecting spiritual consciousness with material consciousness. You can read more about Wendy's story here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

The idea that we must suffer for our work is a myth. When we create and share from authentic alignment, we are naturally supported. Our “work” then becomes clearing everything that gets in the way of being available and responsive to life.
— Wendy May


Ann is a nomadic love investor, community creator, intimacy education producer and eco-glitter dealer. As a “graduate” of Life Reboot 2016, she has been on a journey of constant change and exploration, traveling the world with her laptop. With an MA in Organizational Behavior, she explored a career as an HR professional, and served as the community manager for a non-profit that hosts workshops on culture and purpose design for organizations in San Francisco. Having worked in mid-sized tech companies, and launching and supporting early stage startups in Silicon Valley, Ann has transformed her work life into one that fits her own needs. She finds destinations that are nourishing, surrounded by a community who breaks down office walls. As a founding team member for an app that teaches couples how to connect deeper, she hopes to create a space that supports heart-based entrepreneurs, businesses and artists who are on a mission to connect to love, creativity, transformation and authentic, mindful work. Connect with Ann on LinkedIn.

There is so much more to self-love than “this is just for ME.” It is about what I can do for me, through me, with me. Does it better me, enrich me, nourish me... so I can find my highest purpose? This self-love that I am seeking: is it done with loving awareness? Find your Highest Self-Love.
— Ann Liu