Nine Months Pregnant with Regenerative Purpose

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out an update… mostly because there hasn’t been much to update you on.

For the last two months, things have been pretty slow and sluggish. The book has been feeling heavy. I wanted to put it down. I went through a creative “dark night of the soul” where I was questioning what I am even doing here and doubting that I am qualified to bring this book into the world. For a moment, I even considered burning the whole project to the ground (seriously, but not so seriously).

I have been riding these emotional waves and doing my best to roll with them instead of struggle against them.

I am emerging renewed after a bout of dengue fever in late July and early August. I have recovered my full health and full power again. A lot of fears and doubts and insecurities were burned up in those days of fever and full body pain. Now I am back on track and full of desire to see this book come together and get out into the world.

This is just a quick note to say thank you for believing in me and thank you for supporting me. Thank you for your patience with me and your patience with this process. (And yes, I will thank me for embracing that patience too.) It’s not always easy to connect to a deep sense of trust when things are not moving as fast as we think they should. This is my learning and this is also my teaching.

Where are we now?

The book has now completed two rounds of content and copy editing. The concepts are getting clearer. The language is getting tighter. I am now finishing my last pass of making changes before handing it off to my structural editor and proofreader.

What will happen next is… getting drawings and illustrations and graphics and photos done, obtaining quotes on paperback publishing and shipping, figuring out the physical fulfillment process for printed books, and sorting out the e-reader version formatting and launch logistics for the digital edition. There’s so much that has been done. There’s so much still to do. And I am still here, showing up every day, feeling incredibly supported in this creation, and trusting that it is all happening in perfect timing.

I am looking towards an October publication date now. But of course that might change. Whenever I make plans, the book laughs at me.