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The Cultural Appropriation of Ikigai

How did ikigai become synonymous with life purpose in our modern self-help lexicon? Learn more about the history of this Japanese term, which roughly translates to “reason for being”. In this bonus chapter, I share the full text of my interview with David Atherton, PhD, on this topic. Dr. Atherton is a Japanese scholar and Harvard professor of East Asian studies.


The Real Secret to Manifesting

Manifesting abundance is a popular meme in the new age, personal development world. What does it really mean to manifest something? It is not about wishing on a star and waiting for the object of your desires to appear. Here in plain speak, I share my personal, practical approach to manifesting anything and outline the three key ingredients that are required.


The Making of Regenerative Purpose

The creative journey behind this book was an up-and-down and sometimes sideways adventure that spanned the better part of a year. The lessons that I am sharing here are the same lessons that I was deepening in myself during the book writing process. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this book through the social media posts chronicling my progress.


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