Meet Wendy

Hi, I'm Wendy. 

I’m a change consultant, leadership coach, former corporate ladder climber and recovering achievement addict.

In my own personal journey of change, I have found that many of the principles used to guide people through changes within organizations are also useful to help us make changes within ourselves. All of this work is for the “soul purpose” of having more freedom, flow, fulfillment and fun in life. And I believe that bringing a holistic, whole-person perspective to the change is what makes it authentic and sustainable.

I am here to serve as a facilitator, mentor and guide for people who have a deeply rooted, and increasingly self-aware, burning desire to make an intentional shift: from balancing work and life to becoming your life’s work.


Her story

I was born and raised in Indiana, the daughter of Chinese/Taiwanese immigrant parents. By the time I was 30 years old, I had moved homes 10 times, lived in 4 different states, worked for 8 different companies, held a dozen different job titles and traveled to nearly 40 countries. Change has always been the name of my game. If I have learned anything through these experiences, it is this: shift happens in life, no matter what you do. But allowing your life to change by default versus purposefully changing your life by design are two vastly different things. The latter requires clear intentions, commitment, resilience and the support of a community.

Harvard grad. MBA. Director at a top global consulting firm... after slogging and slugging my way through life for many years, these and a bunch of other blah blah blah claims to worthiness have become attached to my name.

Eventually one day, I got to a point where I felt accomplished - but strangely exhausted and empty. That's when I decided to abandon the corporate ship and take myself down a more purpose-aligned path. In making that turn, I had to "starve the ego to feed the soul," as they say. I was challenged to let go of lots of old ideas that were firmly woven into my identity, redefine my concept of success, and learn new ways of being and leading.

You can read more about this in my Huffington Post article on making the shift to choose meaning over money.

Over 15 years in corporate, I served as a training and development leader; an organizational change consultant; an executive coach. I helped many executives and their teams come to terms with massive change. Much of what I learned about organizational change is very relevant to the individual transformation process as we strive to do more meaningful work in the world. Now a big part of my purpose is working with women who are successful yet seeking. To move towards more meaningful work, we have to navigate between healthy fear and creative risk taking. We are trying to expand that magical space where practical meets purposeful.