Regenerative Purpose: The Book

The existential question of our time is no longer why we exist — but rather if we will continue to exist. As we witness the dissolution of familiar structures and systems, humans are awakening to consider how our participation in the planetary ecosystem impacts the survival of our species.

Many of us are seeking purpose in an increasingly chaotic and fast-moving world. But the objectification of purpose as something to seek has become outdated, and ultimately, unsatisfying. The changes and challenges emerging today require us to show up differently for purpose.

Wendy May offers a frame-breaking perspective on purpose work as being dynamic, interdependent, and regenerative. This new paradigm of purpose invites us into co-creative conversation with the world we live in, so that we can experience purpose as a force of nature. 

Regenerative Purpose presents a compelling new model for understanding how purpose flows, or doesn't flow. It shows a path to cultivate qualities that help us activate and access purpose flow. Purpose can then come alive in the dance of individual expression and collective evolution.

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Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work

Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work

What is regenerative purpose?

About the Author

Wendy May is a Regenerative Purpose guide, conscious-business coach, human-experience designer and first-time author. A Harvard alumna with a graduate business degree from UCLA, she started on her purpose path in 2015 after leaving a 15-year career in corporate leadership and organizational consulting. Through her writing, speaking, private coaching, and group retreats, Wendy now supports others in purpose alignment so that we can create a world of work that works for everyone.