Quotes from Past Participants

"The retreat experience really helped me to step into - and to fully own - my purpose, my passion, my path."
-- Rose

"One thing I appreciated was learning how to disconnect from my 'should-monster'. I know I have this voice in my head to keep me safe but it's up to me to choose."
-- Marisa

"What I loved most was witnessing the power of bringing like-minded women together and seeing the transformation that can take place in such a short time."
-- Amanda

"Wendy is a calm and patient guide. She has the ability to listen and respond. Like truly listen, and truly respond."
-- Bethany


"As a facilitator, Wendy is kind, safe, supportive, and knowledgeable. She gently encouraged us to push through fears and discomfort."  
-- Kathy

"This allowed me to deepen into knowing my purpose while reinvigorating me to commit and take action now."
-- Amanda

"It helped me to remove those mental blocks, and open my mind up to the positive aspects of taking a chance on being my whole self."
-- Anna  

"I have never felt so nourished and energized on a trip before. I truly took time to take care of me and it was a beautiful experience."
-- Marisa